Outdoor Sport

Common success experiences


Feel the energy outdoors where nature offers year-round activities and challenges. Come closer to both nature and each other in a different way, through either ground- or water-based exercises. Our emphasis is on success and relationships, no matter which activity you choose. You will notice your senses and receptiveness sharpen outdoor.



Get in the water and feel the calm and synergy take you as you find the rhythm together. Kayaking yields success experiences for everyone.


Mountain bike

Feel the wind and get the heart rate up together. After a short intro training, we will ride on a varied track and enjoy nature.



A kickbike is a fun mix between a kick scooter and a mountain bike. Feel your heart beat when riding up the hill and gain a great speed on the way down.


Technology, equipment and safety

Our equipment is of the highest quality. You will receive proper training and our well-educated instructors will stay with you throughout the course by thoroughly focusing on your safety.


A customised approach

Combine the activity with team exercises or thoughts, and shift the attention even more to your solidarity or specific focal points.

Henrik Møller, HR Manager & Partner, CoastZone

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