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A significant strength of LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® is that everybody has an equal opportunity to be active during the process. It is a strong instrument of communication, especially with regards to complex issues. Your openness to new ideas and impressions increases when you use all your senses. Different teamwork resources will be established, and you will make a common language that goes across fields, educations, nationalities, cultures and levels of responsibility.



Imagine a structured process where you use LEGO® bricks to build models expressing visions, thoughts and ideas. When the single models combine, a different dialogue emerges - a dialogue that provides a very good insight into complex issues. It turns out to be a strong and hands-on way of approaching the processes behind sharing knowledge and solving problems.



The unique thing about LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® is that you very quickly transcend the communicational barrier that perhaps limits you during an ordinary work day. While using the LEGO® bricks, you are all on the same level. This method paves the way for innovation and creativity, thus resulting in a constructive reflection. You will experience how this workflow allows you to break old patterns of the weekday and instead situate yourselves in the present moment. The immediate intuition that characterises the atmosphere contains a great potential during and after the process.


Henrik Møller, HR Manager & Partner, CoastZone

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