Le Mans

Team dynamic in high gear


Get up-close with the special teamwork that each year creates victors in the legendary Le Mans race. It is a unique team experience for everyone - not just the car race fans. You will all be part of an exceptional atmosphere and feel how each of you plays a crucial role in the team’s success! It is an experience where energy, performance and solidarity unite and generate something of value to both team and individual.

Le Mans for the entire team!


Imagine the thrill right before race start. In small teams, you will set goals for yourselves, divide roles and make strong strategies. When the intense race starts, each team will have a go-cart at their disposal, which is not allowed to stand still at any time! The goal is to wisely make use of the team’s resources and put all your strengths into play both inside and outside the race track.



You are engaged in numerous tasks that challenge both mind and body, and you work with teamwork and communication on many levels. How will you choose to create progress, produce results and especially energy? Feel the immediate enthusiasm by beating the challenge together and taste the success and the well-earned champagne.

Ove Rokkedal, Sales Manager, CoastZone

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