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Always a customised course

First and foremost, we exert ourselves! With people and success experiences. With teamwork and guidance. And when asking the important questions. Team development is always a customised course where close teamwork is your goal. Why and who decide what and how.

Why? A clear goal results in the greatest outcome of your investment.

Who? It must make sense to you as individuals, as teams and as a company.

What? Everyone should feel safe and find motivation during the course.

How? A productive balance between words and actions.


Everything DiSC®

A powerful tool used to dive into your team’s many profiles. Everything DiSC® makes it easier to understand and work with human behaviour on individual and team-based levels. Our approach is practical, and we develop both insight and training. You learn how to navigate between opposite behaviour patterns, thus gaining a greater strength in your team’s scope.


A partnership with Wiley

CoastZone has a partnership with the publishing house Wiley, which has been a respected source of information for more than 200 years. Wiley develops tools and courses that help people to develop greater professional potential, including Everything DiSC® and The Five Behaviors of a Cohesive TeamTM. Our common criteria for success consists of thoroughly tested theories that work in practice, and are easy to understand, convey and implement; completely in line with our philosophy of active learning:

Actions speak louder than words


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