CoastZone Challenge

Team dynamics and shared success

Build on good teamwork

CoastZone Challenge is classic teambuilding in open air. It gives you the energy to be proactive and work together in order to succeed. Practical team activities generate a healthy and entertaining competition that nourish your relations. By using your differences to your benefit, you gain valuable experience all the while you improve social aspects within your team.

Teambuilding for everyone

Small teams accomplish more

Outdoor, we set the stage for a series of successful experiences. You compete against the other teams working side by side which keep motivation levels high and community in focus. At CoastZone, we work with small teams of 6-8 persons to allow each participant a positive contribution.


We match focus and activities

We help you choose the right 5-6 activities that match your focus and bring out the positive qualities within your team. With more than 15 different physical, practical, and logical activities, the variety is great, e.g.:

Team Sudoku is a terrific icebreaker that with guarantee will put a smile on your face! Experience the fun of chaos as all the numbers in the classic Sudoku have disappeared. Together you must collect them from 9 different spots as fast as possible.

Turn Back Time is an exercise in communication where you must listen to each other to make sense of a complex storyline. Everyone has a small, visual excerpt of the story and it is up to you, as a team, to turn back time and trace the story in full.

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