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Danish High Performance culture to impact sustainable growth in China

CoastZone believe that a warm, playful organization is key to innovation and employee loyalty - two elements that Denmark is leading on globally. Elements that might be the key to sustainable development of modern China - the thriving Eastern giant.

CoastZone has won the prize as the best Danish company within team building and High Performance Teams in Denmark for the past 3 consecutive years. They have now given themselves 3 years to establish their business in China and there is a lot at stake. The Shanghai office is their first in China.

Coming to China

"My partners and I have had talks of expanding internationally. My visit to China two years ago opened my eyes for moving to Shanghai. We have existing clients demanding our services as well as a window to approach Chinese companies,” says partner at CoastZone, Brian Christiansen. “In particular by targeting Chinese move towards sustainable growth and innovation and costs related to high job-rotation." Brian just moved to Shanghai with his Danish family to seize the opportunity.

People and efficiency

”2/3 of strategies fail because board meeting decisions seize to get carried out into the organization efficiently. We provide practical workshops to tackle the problem from a variety of angels. Our experienced consultants create a warm and trustful atmosphere for solving team challenges. The focus will be on reflection – what, how, who and why – and learning. Our clients will find solutions to team challenges at a much deeper level than usual office conversation would ever allow for. It is our pleasure to observe the level of joy and efficiency this brings to our clients’ teams,” says Brian Christiansen.

Hopes for the Business in China

Last year, CoastZone performed more than 700 courses bringing teams of 28,000 individuals to high performance. ”Our hopes is that the Chinese market will boost these numbers,” says Brian Christiansen.

“We chose the Chinese name 柯忠 (kezhong) which means loyalty, and according to the Chinese belief loyalty comes from the heart (cf. 忠- the “middle”). We chose it in order to emphasize the best of Danish quality,” says Brian.


The above is a revised version of Børsen Daily, 6th of February published article. Børsen is a Danish newspaper specializing in business news, published in Denmark. Børsen is for many years considered as the most respected and prestigious platform for business and management topics in Denmark.

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